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The Turnout For Pagan Online’s Trial Has Apparently “Set Fire to the Servers”


The Turnout For Pagan Online’s Trial Has Apparently “Set Fire to the Servers”

Pagan Online has officially shut down its servers for the rest of the games’ third-week trials.

According to a tweet made via the game’s official Twitter, the servers were ‘burnt to a crisp’ due to a larger than expected turnout. However, the good news is that the issue has apparently been identified. It probably didn’t actually catch fire but who knows.

The game is still in its very early stages, so it is not unusual to see issues such as this arise.

For those who are anxious to try the game for themselves, the team behind Pagan Online have stated that they will open up more trial dates down the line once the problem has been resolved.

Pagan Online is an action-infused RPG hack and slash game that takes place in a world inspired by pre-Christian mythologies. Players will be able to form cooperative teams or go into randomly generated levels alone in search of foes and loot drops.

The game may sound remarkably similar to another title that has dominated the genre for decades, Diablo.

However, Pagan Online does differ from Blizzard’s franchise in one major way. It is focused on level-based experiences and does not feature the areas where players are expected to interact with NPCs or trade at shops.

Instead, it aims to offer players an experience that can be enjoyed in short sittings with straight forward dungeon runs.

The game will also offer a survival mode as well as others that will drastically change how one interacts with each procedurally generated environment.

The project is being spearheaded by Mad Head Games, who have released a number of smaller PC titles. Though Pagan Online is by far the studio’s most ambitious game to date.

While this is a bigger project for Mad Head Games they do have the power of Pagan Online’s publisher, Wargaming. Wargaming is the publisher behind the wildly successful World of Tanks. Which could help put the game on the map.

Pagan Online still has no set release date, but you can sign up for trial alerts on the game’s website. It will be available exclusively on Windows PC.

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