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Is MLB: The Show 19 Coming to PC? Answered

mlb the show 19, PC

Is MLB: The Show 19 Coming to PC? Answered

Is MLB: The Show 19 Coming to PC?

MLB: The Show 19 is almost here and baseball fans all over, not just on PlayStation 4, are itching for baseball both in real life, and on their platform of your choice. If you’re here, you’re probably wondering whether MLB: The Show 19 is coming to PC. Let’s talk about it.

The franchise has been developed by Sony San Diego Studios, a first-party game studio under control by Sony. As a result, all of previous games in the series going back to the PS3 era have exclusively been on Sony platforms. This includes the PS4 and the PS Vita as well.

So that leads us to the bad news. MLB: The Show 19 continues this trend and is exclusive to the PS4. MLB: The Show 19 is not coming to PC. This is the case with the Nintendo Switch and the Xbox One as well.

Granted, if there was a chance of MLB: The Show 19 appearing on something other than the PS4, it would probably be PC since Sony likely doesn’t view PCs as direct competition as much as the Switch and Xbox One at least.

However, Sony doesn’t have a track record of releasing their PS4 exclusives to PC, and we don’t expect that to change any time soon. If there is any company that has shown resistance to working with other platforms this generation it has been Sony. So don’t hold your breath.

If you’re desperate for baseball, you could try giving Out of the Park Baseball 19 a look, which is a baseball management simulator that is incredibly detailed and realistic. Otherwise, RBI Baseball, if you don’t mind arcade-style gameplay could be an answer as well.

That does it for whether or not MLB: The Show 19 is coming to PC. Sorry we don’t have better news, but at least now you know.


Question: Is MLB: The Show 19 coming to PC?

Answer: No.

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