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Marvel Games’ Bill Rosemann Promoted to Vice President

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Marvel Games’ Bill Rosemann Promoted to Vice President

Marvel Games’ Bill Roseman, who you’ll probably know for his creative contribution to games like Marvel’s Spider-Man and more, has been promoted to higher office.

Formerly Executive Creative Director, the outspoken developer is now Vice President and Creative Director, as he announced himself on Twitter.

Rosemann’s recorded career started 24 years ago at Marvel as Manager of Marketing and Communications in 1994. In 2003 he had a stint in a similar role at the now defunct CrossGen Entertainment, followed by another at DC Comics in 2004 where he moved to the creative side as Manager of Creative Services.

He resumed his career at Marvel in 2006, moving up the ladder from an Editor position to Creative Director at Custom Solutions arm.

In 2014 he took over as Creative Director at Marvel Games, marking his move into the gaming industry that culminated to today’s news.

Rosemann’s latest baby, Marvel’s Spider-Man, is currently available exclusively for PS4. If you’d like to know why it’s so good, you can check out our review.

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