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Madden 19: How to Strip the Ball

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Madden 19: How to Strip the Ball

How to Strip the Ball in Madden 19

Here’s everything you need to know about how to strip the ball in Madden 19.

Madden 19 is the latest entry in the yearly football franchise from EA. Madden 19 has similar offerings to Madden 18 with updated visuals and rosters as well as some quality of life improvements.

It’s easy to overlook some of the more nuanced moves that can be done in Madden outside of just passing and running the ball. One big option players have while on defense is to try and force a fumble by stripping the ball from their opponent when making contact.

This is called stripping the ball, and its one of the most useful tools a defensive player has in their arsenal. This move can be done on PS4 by clicking the R1 button and the RB button on Xbox One. Stripping the ball is not a move you want to spam, because each time you attempt to pull off this maneuver it lowers to the success of your tackles.

This is a move you want to use when your opponent is fighting off multiple defenders and the odds look to be in your favor.

Forcing a fumble is one of the easiest ways to turn a match in your favor quickly. Of course, this is easier said than done, but finding those moments where the tides need to be turned, and then executing on that are what make the moment to moment gameplay in Madden 19 so appealing. Trying to strip the ball while behind a player seems to be more successful than any other direction. So make sure you’re in a good position to try and force the fumble.

Madden 19 offers a wide variety of different defensive options outside of stripping the ball such as strafing, sprinting, hit sticking, and dive tackles. Using a combination of all of these tactics will help you pull off an easy win against your opponent. They always say the best offense is a strong defense so make sure you practice.

That’s everything you need to know about how to strip the ball in Madden 19. For more tips, tricks, and guides be sure to check out our Madden 19 Wiki guide. You can also read our review of Madden 19 if you’re thinking about picking it up.


Question: How do you strip the ball in Madden 19?

Answer: To strip the ball simply press the R1 button on PS4 or the RB button on Xbox One, while on defense. This’ll give you a chance of forcing a fumble.

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