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Jump Force Brings Boruto Uzumaki to the Brawl With Fresh Set of Screenshots

Jump Forces, Boruto

Jump Force Brings Boruto Uzumaki to the Brawl With Fresh Set of Screenshots

Naruto’s baby boy Boruto is about to launch himself into the fray, itching for a fight and prepped to unleash all kinds of ninjutsu on volumes worth of manga’s nearest and dearest in Jump Force.

Presented by publisher Bandai Namco in a recent post, we see the spunky, HD realized wunderkind unleash his own brand of Shadow Clone ninjutsu on his would-be master Sasuke, talk smack, and zip into battle.

We’ve seen a lot of character reveals for Jump Force over the last few months, from Deku and Asta from My Hero Academia and Black Clover respectively, to Rurouni Kenshin representing, Blue Goku, Saint Seiya , Fist of the North Star’s Kenshiro, and far more. The roster is packed. Hair gel stocks at an all-time low.

As if the swollen, manga menagerie of playable fighters wasn’t enticing enough, pre-order bonuses include Naruto, One Piece and Dragon Ball Z costumes alongside Frieza’s Hover Pod to bob around the online lobby in style.

Personally, i’m still woebegone Light and Ryuk aren’t some kind of duo fighter, dispelling all manner of chosen one with the flourish of a pen, their inclusion in the game’s story sure to be interesting at least. For now, Yugi promises to provide all the over-the-top, unorthodox battling I need.

The long-awaited launch of Jump Force gets draws nearer and nearer, the tag-team fighting epic dropping Feb. 15, 2019, on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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