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5 Games Like Mario Kart for PS4 If You’re Looking for Something Similar


5 Games Like Mario Kart for PS4 If You’re Looking for Something Similar

Games Like Mario Kart for PS4



There are few games that perfectly capture the essence of Mario Kart. If you’re looking for games like Mario Kart on the PS4 anyway though, these are your best bets.

Editor’s note: At the time of this writing, there are two yet unreleased games that will certainly be like Mario Kart worth keeping on your radar: the Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, and Team Sonic Racing. We’ll add them here when they come out, but yeah, don’t forget about those!

Onrush is developed by Codemasters, a company known in the racing game scene for franchises like Dirt and the F1 games.

Onrush is quite a bit different to these, having more of a focus on combat and boosting. In fact, Onrush is unique in that it is a driving game where the objective isn’t to reach the finish line first.

Instead, modes focus around completing other specific objectives. For example, the Overdrive mode requires teams to boost as much as possible, and the Countdown mode requires players to quickly pass checkpoints in order to refill a draining timer.

Onrush is different to any other driving games releasing today, and the risk certainly paid off for Codemasters. We scored it a 4.5/5 in our review.

It’s zany, arcadey fun, just like Mario Kart.

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