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Fortnite is Still Dominating YouTube and Twitch, According to Latest Stats


Fortnite is Still Dominating YouTube and Twitch, According to Latest Stats

Fortnite’s revenue growth might have been projected to slow last year, but it’s industry mindshare still seems to be sky-high. Stats released by Superdata Research today shows Fortnite sitting atop both YouTube and Twitch viewership rankings for the month of December.

Midway through 2018, Superdata’s own report highlighted a comparatively poor 2% revenue growth between June and July, down from 32% for the previous two months. That seemed to suggest the Fortnite juggernaut was starting to lose steam. The game had also lost its top-spot on Twitch to DOTA 2 for the month of the report’s launch, too.

But there are no signs of Fortnite’s popularity slowing according to the latest Twitch and YouTube stats.


Ranked by hours watched, Fortnite has risen once again to the top of the pile.

Popular streamers such as Tyler “Ninja” Blevins have helped drive viewership for the game, with the star reportedly earning 70% of his income between both Twitch and YouTube. Blevins exploded onto the scene last year after his record-breaking live stream with rapper Drake that saw over 600,000 people watch concurrently.

Fortnite continues to keep hold of its player base with new features constantly being added to the experience via its innovative Battle Pass subscription. Its success has prompted other franchises such as Call of Duty to incorporate their own dedicated battle royale modes.

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