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Fortnite 7.30 Update Adds Chiller Grenades and Transparent Loot Boxes


Fortnite 7.30 Update Adds Chiller Grenades and Transparent Loot Boxes

Fortnite studio Epic Games revealed the patch notes for the 7.30 update coming today, and adds new content for both Battle Royale and Save the World modes.

Battle Royale added the new Chiller Grenades, which causes anything hit with it to slide along the ground for seven seconds. It is similar to the ice blocks that form around players’ feet when stepping on ice, and the grenade can affect allies, enemies, and vehicles.

The mode also received a few changes to its weapon selection with more weapons sent to the vault. The Bolt-action Sniper Rifle, Burst Rifle, Heavy Shotgun, and the SMG in common, uncommon, and rare rarities have been vaulted. Although, the Suppressed SMG with those same rarities have been unvaulted and will return in the game.

The Fourth Down outfit set will also receive new Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots uniforms, the two teams competing in the upcoming Super Bowl LIII, and will be granted to all players who had purchased the set. The outfit set launched last November with the 6.22 update in collaboration with the NFL and included jerseys from every NFL team.

The cooperative Save the World mode will be getting rid of blind loot boxes with the 7.30 update. Announced last week, every Upgrade Llama that is purchasable with the premium V-Bucks currency will now show the contents of each llama without a purchase.

The Frostnite event adds a new fifth challenge this week by removing the full map and mini-map. Players who can survive for 30 minutes will receive the new Spectral Blade, which can “warp to the targeted enemy performing a spectral cleave, dealing heavy area damage which may stagger smaller enemies.”

The 7.30 update for Fortnite brings new features and improvements for specific versions. The Nintendo Switch version received improved level streaming performance, improved screen resolution, and more for Battle Royale.

The mobile version enabled 60 FPS mode for specific Android phones and controller support for both iOS and Android devices. Check out the patch notes for the full list of additions and changes.

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