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Farm Together: How to Get Gold Nuggets

gold nuggets

Farm Together: How to Get Gold Nuggets

How to Get Gold Nuggets in Farm Together

You’ll be harvesting lots of different resources as you play through Farm Together, but sometimes you’ll come across something special that wasn’t necessarily planted. Here’s how to get gold nuggets in Farm Together in case you’re stumped.

As you plant and tend various different crops –trees, flowers, animals, etc– you’ll reap the reward by harvesting them as they mature. Very occasionally, a harvested item will spawn a gold nugget, which is a particularly useful but random item.

Gold nuggets are used at the Pawn Shop, which is something you’ll need to purchase and build from the buildings menu (costs five ribbons to buy). The Pawn Shop will reward you for nuggets you turn in, and you can choose which items you get.

The items available at the Pawn Shop in exchange for gold nuggets is as follows:

  • Money – 1 nugget is worth $10,000
  • Resources – 1 nugget is worth around 25 of any resource of your choosing
  • Ribbons – 10 nuggets equals one ribbon
  • Tickets – 1 nugget equals 2 tickets

Although nuggets are randomly found during harvesting, you can increase the likelihood of digging them up by hiring more farmhands. You can read our guide about how to get farmhands here, but the gist of using them in this instance is that the more hands you have harvesting the more opportunity you’ll have to find a nugget.

That’s all the information we have about how to get gold nuggets in Farm Together. For more handy tips and tricks on the game, be sure to search Twinfinite.


Question: How do you get gold nuggets in Farm Together?

Answer: They are found randomly, typically during harvesting. You can increase your chances of finding them by hiring farmhands to harvest more crops at any one time. Use nuggets at the Pawn Shop to trade for resources or money.

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