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Top 4 Easiest Xbox One Achievements of January 2019


Top 4 Easiest Xbox One Achievements of January 2019

Easiest Xbox One Games for Achievements of January 2019

Life Is Strange 2: Episode 2

After four long months of waiting, DONTNOD finally brought us the next chapter of Sean and Daniel Diaz’s story in Life Is Strange 2’s second episode. Following the brothers as they continued to be on the run from the cops, the episode sees Daniel beginning to get to grips with his newfound powers, and the pair bumping into a potentially familiar face.

While the episode runs for a couple hours, its 190 Gamerscore is incredibly simple to get. Seven of the nine achievements, and 130 of the Gamerscore are tied up in the optional collectibles littered throughout the level. Considering we’ve already got a complete guide breaking down where to find each one, it should be a relative walk in the park.

The only other two you have to worry about is one achievement for finishing the episode, and another for starting any drawing, which can be done by heading over to the seat just to the right of the fire in the grandparent’s home, and selecting the option to sketch.

Alternatively, this can be done at the Christmas Fair on the bench table next to the girl playing the guitar. That’s literally all there is to it!

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