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Retro FPS DUSK Has Now Sold 69,420 Copies

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Retro FPS DUSK Has Now Sold 69,420 Copies

New Blood Interactive CEO Dave Oshry announced today that retro FPS DUSK has sold as many as 69,420 copies. That’s one number that’s bound to satisfy those appreciating exactness. The title has also sold more copies during its full launch than throughout its Early Access run.

DUSK was a highlight of last year, at least as far as the indie side of things is concerned. The title wears its inspirations on its sleeve, looking and feeling exactly like a FPS from the 90s, when the genre was taking its first steps.

The three campaign episodes set players on a rampage against cultists, militants and “even darker forces”, while giving them weaponry that ranges from sickles to rocket launchers to employ in solving the Earth’s unholy issues. Furthermore, all the slaughter happens with a fitting heavy metal-infused soundtrack in the background.

Aside from its single-player campaign, DUSK also has an endless mode as well as multiplayer support for some good, old-fashioned fun.

We gave DUSK the Exemplary rating in our review, finding it to be the perfect opportunity to “relive the halcyon days of the FPS genre, a time when games strove to be unrealistic and challenging”. Console ports for the title are also on their way, alongside more content for the PC version and, of all things, bacon-scented soap.

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