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Destiny 2 Black Armory: How to Solve Mysterious Datapad Puzzle

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Destiny 2 Black Armory: How to Solve Mysterious Datapad Puzzle

How to Solve the Mysterious Datapad Puzzle in Destiny 2: Black Armory

Originally required to open Bergusia Forge, the mysterious datapad puzzle is now only required for those that want to obtain the special cosmetic items that await them at the end of this long, perplexing quest. Here’s how to solve the Mysterious Datapad puzzle in Destiny 2: Black Armory

Special credit to cbgray from YouTube that has the easiest to follow video on step by step how to complete this confusing puzzle. We highly recommend giving that a look to help make sense of everything.

You can check that out for yourself below, otherwise we’ll walk you through it here if you prefer written instructions.

Before even starting, make sure you have the Black Armory Sniper, Machine Gun, and Bow, otherwise you won’t be able to get past this step. You can get those by completing the legendary weapon frame bounties offered by Ada-1.

The reason you need these weapons is because certain symbols/codes hinted at by the mysterious datapad in the room are only able to be seen/hit while using the correct weapon.

To kick off the mysterious datapad puzzle, first you need to hit the lever by the door on the far end of the room on the lower end. You should be on the step Lost Souvenir: Passcode Required.

From there, shoot the correct codes as seen in the video below in the following order with the corresponding weapon:

  1. Missive (Bow)
  2. Storm (Bow)
  3. Shrine (Sniper)
  4. Morning (Bow)
  5. Star (Machine Gun)
  6. Hand (Machine Gun)
  7. Black Armory (Sniper)

That will solve the mysterious datapad puzzle, however you still have more work to go. You’ll need Izanagi’s Burden for the next part in order to fight the immune Taken that are going to stand in your way.

That does it for how to solve the mysterious datapad puzzle in Destiny 2. Good luck the rest of the way! Once again, check out cbgray’s video for help on the next part and other future steps of this massive quest.

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