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Destiny 2 Black Armory: How to Get Obsidian Radiance Ornament

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Destiny 2 Black Armory: How to Get Obsidian Radiance Ornament

How to Get Obsidian Radiance Ornament (Temper Effect) in Destiny 2

Obsidian Radiance is a powerful effect in Destiny 2 which will grant you a 5% to all of your damage while participating in Black Armory Forge activities. Here’s how to get the Obsidian Radiance Ornament in Destiny 2.

With the launch of the Bergusia Forge, our pal Ada-1 offered up a few new items available for purchase in the Miscellaneous tab, which includes the mysterious Obsidian Radiance Ornament.

Although it’s technically a temper effect, you attach it to your weapon all the same and you’ll get the buff.

However, the method for getting the material you’ll need to buy it, the Obsidian Accelerator, is not immediately obvious.

It’s not overly difficult to get, but you’ll need to be capable of beating Bergusia Forge, which means you’ll need to be at or pretty close to max power level (currently 650).

Grind out some Bergusia Forge runs until you have the Accelerator. Then, simply return to Ada-1 and exchange your Radiance for an Obsidian Radiance, and bam, you have what you need.

Go to the weapon you want to use it on, attach it, and you’re now receiving a free 5% damage buff while participating in any forge ignitions. Easy right?

The Black Armory weapons are, by and large, quite powerful, so it’s a great buff to attach to those to make grinding for new weapons with better rolls even easier while you wait for Joker’s Wild to come out.

That does it for how to get the Obsidian Radiance Ornament in Destiny 2‘s Black Armory content. Have fun blasting away at enemies while scrambling around to obtain charges now 5% faster! You can also check out out Destiny 2 wiki for more on the game.


Question: How to get Obsidian Radiance in Destiny 2?

Answer: It’s obtained via Ada-1. You first need an Accelerator that is obtained by completing Bergusia Forge. Get to 650 power level or very close to it, and complete all of the other forges in order to have a chance of surviving and completing this event.

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