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Black Mirror Bandersnatch: Best Choices to Make


Black Mirror Bandersnatch: Best Choices to Make

Netflix and Charlie Brooker are blending video games and movies into one branching experience with the release of Black Mirror Bandersnatch. Here are our choices for the best choices to make.

In this special interactive movie, users are able to choose their own path, guiding a gifted young programmer, Stefan Butler, towards his goal of publishing a video game.

This wouldn’t be Black Mirror if there weren’t twist and turns laced throughout though, as many of the choices that can be made have interesting consequences.

Note: We’re going to be spoiling parts of the film/game, so do not read if you don’t want anything spoiling. We suggest playing it once through on your own at least.

Best Black Mirror Bandersnatch Choices

What is Netflix?

In 1999, the Matrix got a lot of people tripped out with its storyline, leading many to believe that maybe their life isn’t real and that we are all apart of a simulation.

While that has yet to be proven in our reality, Stefan isn’t so lucky in Black Mirror Bandersnatch.

About halfway through the show, likely following a number of retries, you’ll run into a scene where Stefan yells at his computer to give him a sign. One of the options you can usually select simply says Netflix.

Choosing this will trigger text on the screen stating that you are watching him on Netflix. You can cut the conversation off or continue to try and explain what is going on to Stefan.

Either way, the gifted young programmer has a mental breakdown and is taken to see his therapist, Dr. Haynes. When he arrives at her office, the conversation gets interesting, resulting in another amazing choice.

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