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Top 5 Best Xbox One Games of Q4 2018


Top 5 Best Xbox One Games of Q4 2018

Best Xbox One Games of Q4 2018

Forza Horizon 4

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The Forza franchise has firmly positioned itself among the best racing games available, and its Forza Horizon titles bring a great open-world setup that makes them pretty unique.

This time around, the good folks at PlayGround Games added seasons to the mix, and what a game changer it is, especially for an ongoing game. While most simply get additional challenges and content, Forza Horizon 4‘s seasonal changes completely swap the mood of the game on top of considerably altering gameplay.

This is certainly worth considering a flagship title for the Xbox One, which admittedly has been in need of it.

While some may have been slightly disappointed by the inability to re-enact Tokyo Drift with the rumored (and then debunked) Japanese setting, England is PlayGround’s home turf, and they certainly did their home country justice.

Another charming aspect is this game’s adaptability to what the player likes. If you’re the kind of driver who loves relaxed sightseeing, there is plenty for you to do, but if you’re looking for the adrenaline of a hypercar street race, you won’t be disappointed either.

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