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“Amazing” Fantastic Four Content Will Be Coming Very Soon to Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4

Marvel's Spider-Man

“Amazing” Fantastic Four Content Will Be Coming Very Soon to Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4

This week, Marvel is celebrating the return of their first superhero family, the Fantastic Four, with a week’s worth of live streams. Appropriately titled as, Fantastic Four Worlds Greatest Week, the live streams go into more detail on the appearances of Mr. Fantastic, Human Torch, The Thing, and the Invisible Woman, in several of Marvel’s video games such as Contest of Champions, Puzzle Quest, Strike Force, and Future Fight.

While there will be several more announcements coming in the next few days, there was a Spider-Man tease towards the end of the live stream today that confirms that something Fantastic Four-related will indeed be coming to Insomniac’s open-world action game on PS4 “very soon.”

As soon as Marvel tweeted about the fantastic news (see what I did there) Insomniac Games also went to the social media site to retweet and quote Marvel with some pretty suspicious googly eyes:

While we don’t know what is exactly coming to Spider-Man PS4, we can hope that we can either: A) fight with the Fantastic Four themselves in some brand-new story content, B) climb up the Baxter building and possibly see the team of superheroes inside, or C) get some sweet new Spidey suits related to the four heroes somehow. Just imagine Spider-Man being able to stretch his limbs with a special suit power or even seeing him blast off like the Human Torch? As you can probably tell, we’re very excited for whatever this collaboration may be.

You can check out the live stream that was aired earlier today right here and head on over to the 1 hour and 55-minute mark to see the tease for yourself:

For more on Marvel’s Spider-Man, please be sure to read up on our review to see why this new iteration of our web-slinging hero is so amazingly well done. And if you’ve been playing the game and need some help completing everything that there is to be completed, well then check out our expansive wiki guide on the game right here.

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