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Ace Combat 7: How to Play in VR

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Ace Combat 7: How to Play in VR

Here’s How to Play in VR in Ace Combat 7

Ace Combat 7 is another entry in the zany universe of Ace Combat, but this time around, it comes packed with VR capabilities. Here’s how to play in VR in Ace Combat 7.

Before diving into the how-to section of this, it’s important to ensure that you’re even able to use your given VR headset with the game. Simply put, your Oculus Rift or HTC Vive won’t work.

That’s because as of right now, the VR missions are exclusive to PSVR, and sadly, for non-PSVR users, exclusive until Jan. 18, 2020.

Yes, sadly you read that right. The VR missions are exclusive to PSVR users until next year.

Moving on to the how-to, first make sure that your PSVR is set up and ready to go.

You should also consider clearing everything around you and keeping a bucket nearby. This game is a high-speed arcade flight simulator that will have you flipping and twisting all over the place and there’s a good chance your stomach won’t appreciate that.

With all of that done, you’re ready for the PSVR missions. At the main screen, go to the PSVR menu. Once there, you can select either Missions, Free Flight, Air Show or Quit PSVR.

Depending on what you want to do, select the correct option. The Air Show will have you literally watching an Air Show of Ace Combat 7 planes.

The Free Flight option allows you to do just that: fly planes freely.

The Missions option sets you up with three unique missions separate from the main game.

While it’d be nice to play the full game in VR, that’s just not the case with this entry. But, you are free to play the three VR missions over and over again.

Finishing all three will take you just under three hours to do so as far as free VR add-ons go, it’s a pretty beefy one.

Once you select the option you wish to partake in, you’re all set. You can use either a flight stick (if you have one) for extra immersion or go with the standard controls that use the Dualshock 4 controller — the choice is yours.

If you have a PSVR, you’re in for a fun time in the cockpit of some memorable Ace Combat 7 planes and jets. If you don’t, well, just erase that this exists from your brain and come back in a year to give them a go on your PC virtual reality rig.

And that’s all you need to know about how to play VR in Ace Combat 7. If you want to read our thoughts on the game, you can check out our Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown review.


Question: How do you play VR in Ace Combat 7?

Answer: Right now, the missions are PSVR-exclusive. Hook up your headset, then choose the PSVR menu from the game and select your desired game mode from there.

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