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4 Big Video Game Rumors That Would Rock the Industry in 2019


4 Big Video Game Rumors That Would Rock the Industry in 2019

Leaked Harry Potter RPG Announcement

Harry Potter, Magic Awakened

2018 was a massive year for the video games and the best releases from last year have set a new bar for the industry. Games like God of War, Red Redemption 2, and Celeste showed people that video games still have a ton of room to grow and the mark these titles will leave on the industry will be felt for many years.

With 2019 upon us, it is now time to look forward at what could be in store for gamers in the coming year.While there are plenty of rumors about what could be announced or released in 2019, we have picked out five rumors that could have the most significant impact on the industry.

Back in October, a video of an unannounced Harry Potter RPG leaked online.

The footage was originally posted to Reddit by u/VapeThisBro and gave a brief look at the game’s character creation system, combat, and setting. Based on how complete the game looked a 2019 announcement seems likely.

Supposedly, the video came from a market research study that the Reddit user was involved in, but due to copyright claims was quickly removed. According to a press release that was included in with the post, the game will include eight playable classes, will be set in the 19th century, and will place players in control of a fifth-year Hogwarts student.

The legitimacy of the leak was improved when the BBC News reporter Lizo Mzimba responded to a story about the footage with more information.

Mzimba’s tweeted that there are a couple of potential titles for the RPG and more Harry Potter games are possibly in development.

A late 2019 release date could also happen, but without more details about the scope of the RPG, this is harder to feel confident about.

Even if you’re not a big Harry Potter fan, the power of the franchise can’t be denied. To put into context how big the Harry Potter franchise is, Time said the brand was worth $25 billion in 2016. To compare, Microsoft spent $2.5 billion to acquire Mojang and own the rights to the second highest selling game of all time.

If a pop culture juggernaut as massive as Harry Potter decided to make a real investment in AAA development, the scale and popularity of the games could easily compete with titles like Red Dead Redemption 2 and Cyberpunk 2077.

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