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Smash Bros Ultimate Joker: When Persona 5’s Joker Is Coming to the Game


Smash Bros Ultimate Joker: When Persona 5’s Joker Is Coming to the Game

When Persona 5’s Joker Is Coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Everything You Need to Know

We never saw it coming. During The Game Awards 2018, Nintendo announced that the main character from Persona 5, Joker, has been invited to Super Smash Bros Ultimate as the first DLC character. Here’s everything you need to know about when Persona 5’s Joker will be coming to Smash Bros Ultimate.

Unfortunately, during the reveal, Nintendo did not announce the release date for this first DLC character. All we know is that Joker and four other characters will be released sporadically all the way into February of 2020.

Each DLC pack will have one character, one stage related to the game that the character is from, and a few music tracks from their respective franchise. We expect Joker’s DLC pack to be released sometime in early 2019, but we’re not entirely sure. Once we get more details from Nintendo regarding the release date, we will update this guide and let you all know ASAP.

That’s all you need to know about when Persona 5’s Joker is coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate. If you’re looking for more tips, tricks, or general help, then be sure to look into our Smash Bros Ultimate Wiki Guide. It’s chock full of information that will help you with tons of stuff like how to How to Beat Curry Charizard, How to Unlock Elite Smash Mode, and How to Get Spirit Points.

As per usual, if you have any questions or concerns regarding this here guide, then shoot us a comment down below; we will try to answer and/or get back to you as soon as we can. Happy smashing!


Question: When is Persona 5’s Joker Coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

Answer: Nintendo did not reveal a release date for Joker’s DLC pack, but we expect a release sometime early next year.

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