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Skyrim: How to Get 100 Smithing After Patch


Skyrim: How to Get 100 Smithing After Patch

How to Get 100 Smithing After Patch in Skyrim

Despite being around for the best part of a decade, millions of players still enjoy Skyrim each month, and Bethesda continues to support the game with new updates. If that’s you and you’re wondering how to get 100 Smithing after the patch in Skyrim, we’ve got you covered.

Prior to the recent update, there were a host of well-established methods of quickly getting your Smithing skill up to level 100. Things have changed now changed, however, rendering options like the Iron Dagger technique somewhat ineffective. Here’s what you’ll want to defer to now.

First, head to the Halted Stream Camp (north of White Run), clear out all the guards, grabbing the key from one of them, and head down into the dungeon below. You’re looking for a book called Spelltome Transmute Mineral Ore, and grab the Ore on the table while you’re at it.

Learn the spell by going into Items, Books and then equip your Spelltome (Magic, Transmute).

Now return to Whiterun and visit the smithing shop. You’ll want to buy as many Iron Ores as you possibly can. Adrianne, the lady standing outside, also has some for sale.

Now what you want to do is start using your spell to transmute all your Ore to Silver Ore and then to Gold Ore.

If you’re suddenly thinking that this method isn’t well suited to character builds that have poor magic then you’d be right. Casting the transmute spell will basically drain your mana very quickly unless your character is a mage.

However, you can get around this by simply “waiting” for one hour after each cast. It’s a bit of a pain but it’s worth it.

Once you’re stocked up with Gold Ore, head to the Smelter and make as many Gold Ingots as you possibly can. From here, head to the Blacksmith Forge and cycle down to Jewelry. You’re wanting to make Gold Rings.

As soon as you start forging rings, you’ll see your Smithing Skill fly up.

That’s everything for this method of how to get 100 Smithing after the patch in Skyrim. For more useful Skyrim guides, be sure to search Twinfinite.

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