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Rockstar: “No Plans” to Reset Progress & Stats from Red Dead Online Beta

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Rockstar: “No Plans” to Reset Progress & Stats from Red Dead Online Beta

Rockstar has provided another update on the ongoing development of the Red Dead Online Beta. Yesterday the topic of the day was the growing frustration over the in-game economy. Namely, how difficult and time consuming it is to farm gold nuggets.

Although specific details were not shared, Rockstar acknowledged the problem yesterday as something that is going to be addressed in some way.

Number two on the pecking order of things people are nervous about when it comes to Red Dead Online’s Beta is the potential of a progress wipe at some point during, or at the conclusion of the Beta. On that front, Rockstar was a little more clear on what their plans are for that:

“For players concerned about the potential for progress and stat resets, we currently do not have any plans to reset them as part of the Beta’s rollout.” via Rockstar Games.

If you’re like me, you’ve might have been limiting yourself to cautiously dipping your toes into Red Dead Online rather than diving head first because of that looming possibility of all of your work getting erased.

Now however it seems that isn’t in the cards, and it should be safe to just play without fear of having everything wiped.

You can check out the full statement below.

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