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PS4 Anniversary Trailer from Korea Is Full of Fond PlayStation Memories

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PS4 Anniversary Trailer from Korea Is Full of Fond PlayStation Memories

The PS4 is five years old, and Sony Interactive Entertainment is celebrating one of the most successful consoles of all time. The South Korean arm of the company decided to do so with a video.

The video titled “The Beginning of Everything” is full of fond memories for PlayStation fans, some on a global scale, and some more focused on the Korean market.

We get to see former global CEO Andrew House during the presentation of the PS4. PlayStation fans will probably always remember him as the guiding hand behind the PS4’s success, even if he stepped down from his position last year.

Another interesting moment is the launch ceremony of the console in Korea (which happened on Sept 17, 2013), hosted by former SIEK President Shiro Kawauchi. Local fans have a very soft spot in their hearts for Kawauchi-san due to his very direct approach with the fanbase, with frequent livestreams showing him playing games and his consistent presence and human touch during trade events.

While he retired last year, the video looks back to one of the moments that made him famous. During the launch event, he was moved to tears by the warmth of the PlayStation fans despite the cold December weather, which earned him the fond nickname “President Crybaby.”

We also get to see the current local President Tetsuya Ando, before things go full-circle returning to Andrew House, who ends the video with “Thank You.”

You can watch it below.

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