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6 Ways Sony Can Improve the PS4 to Dominate 2019


6 Ways Sony Can Improve the PS4 to Dominate 2019

6 Ways PlayStation Can Improve in 2019

More Teasers for Next-Gen

The PlayStation 4 has had a good run, selling over 82.2 million units back in July. In fact, Sony’s latest console has even managed to top the PS3’s lifetime sales.

Now that the PS4’s slowly reaching the end of its lifecycle, it’s time for PlayStation to look towards the future and start prepping for next gen. The PS5 has been heavily hinted for a while now, with rumors circulating about its potential release within the next year or so.

With Sony skipping E3 next year, it definitely feels like they have a few surprises up their sleeves. 2019 seems like the perfect year to start teasing us about their new PlayStation console (if they don’t have plans for a full-blown announcement already).

The next console generation could also build upon what we have for the PS4 already. PlayStation’s been pretty firm on their stance regarding sharing physical games, but what if they finally add in backward compatibility? Having the option to play your PS4 games would be a welcome feature which was sorely missing from this current console generation.

Having a much larger storage space seems almost necessary at this point, looking at how large file sizes are right now. Imagine how bigger they’ll be in the next few years. Add in other features such as wireless controller charging and UI enhancements, and the PS5 would no doubt be something to look forward to.

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