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Worlds Collide in New Diablo III Trailer for Nintendo Switch

Diablo III

Worlds Collide in New Diablo III Trailer for Nintendo Switch

In a new cinematic trailer for the Switch port of Diablo III, we’re taken across all corners of Europe, meeting players from London, Paris, Berlin, and even Podlasie, Poland. We see them live their lives, each representing a different in-game class, coming together to face the Infernal threat from above. A particular highlight being the brooding, Parisian Teacher manipulating a plastic skeleton to retrieve a fallen book – truly a bone-chilling display of necromancy.

It’s a clear promotion of Diablo III’s newfound portability on the Switch, which we recently dubbed the ultimate game for traveling. In this trailer we see their worlds bleed into one, London traffic dispelled by the click of a button, a Berliner sprinting at inhuman speeds – which is very much how the game feels as you pillage, grind, conjure, eviscerate, and maim all manner of fiend both angelic and diabolical on your bus ride to work or in your local coffee shop. Just don’t ‘splode the barista.

As the Holidays swiftly approach, we’re kindly reminded of hell beyond a mall on Christmas Eve, the phrase “hell for the Holidays” cheerily tying the trailer up with a neat little bow. You can read our review and give the gift of smoldering Inferno to your nearest and dearest this Winter season, sure to keep them warm albeit a tad damned. You can view the trailer below:

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