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3 Most Beautiful Games of December 2018


3 Most Beautiful Games of December 2018

Most Beautiful Games of December 2018



As 2018 comes to a close, the slew of new video game releases has started to slow down as well. This month was rather slow, but we’ve picked out three of the most beautiful games we got to play in December 2018.

Starting us off, we have Ashen, the new third-person action RPG from A44 Games. While not exactly the most graphically intensive game ever, Ashen features a striking visual style very similar to the one we saw in Absolver.

Characters are all faceless, but that lends a certain unsettling charm to the game’s ambiance, and the washed out color palette still manages to be inviting every step of the way, enticing you to keep exploring.

Ashen’s open world is gorgeous as well, featuring some disturbing but still breathtaking views as you climb over desolate mountains to witness dying fires and waxed abominations rise from the ground to attack you. Ashen can be pretty creepy at times, but it can be hard to tear your eyes away.

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