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Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom Has Sold 50,000 Copies


Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom Has Sold 50,000 Copies

Game publishers love to emphasize the number of copies their games sell several weeks or months after release. While we’re used to seeing AAA titles push millions of copies, it’s satisfying to see smaller, non-AAA games get some well-deserved attention.

Earlier today, FDG Entertainment posted a thank you message on its Twitter account. The heartfelt post expressed a ton of gratitude for the support the company received for its latest game, Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom.

Monster Boy was announced several years ago as an officially licensed sequel to Sega’s Wonder Boy series. Both Wonder Boy and Monster Boy are action RPG/platformers where players step into the shoes of the titular Wonder/Monster Boy as they defeat enemies, collect gold, buy powerful equipment, and explore fantasy lands in semi-metroidvania fashion.

Even though the Wonder Boy franchise has several titles under its belt, Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom is heavily inspired by the third Wonder Boy game, Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap —as well as the remake, Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap. In these games, the main character can switch between various forms (each with unique abilities) to solve puzzles and traverse challenging terrain

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom released last week to little fanfare on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the Nintendo Switch. Despite its smaller release, the game was greeted by rave reviews. Thanks to these reviews and word of mouth, it accrued 50,000 sales, a number that has likely been broken by the time you read this article.

Of course, Monster Boy’s story is far from over. The game is scheduled to release on the PC via Steam early in 2019, which will probably make sales numbers skyrocket.

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