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Just Cause 4: How to Get Grappling Hook Mods


Just Cause 4: How to Get Grappling Hook Mods

How to Get Grappling Hook Mods in Just Cause 4

A staple of the series since the very first Just Cause game, the Protec Grappler is one of Rico’s most useful and versatile tools in Just Cause 4. It’s also just plain old fun to use, and you’ll probably end up using it to make all kinds of creative explosions. Of course, the only thing better than a grappling hook is literally a better grappling hook, so you’ll no doubt be keen at the idea of getting some mods to soup up your Grappler as soon as possible. Here’s how to get grappling hook mods in Just Cause 4.

To get grappling hook mods, you will have to complete missions for three characters in the game; Sargento will give you Air Lifter mods, Javi lends Retractor mods, and Garland will gift you with Booster mods.

You can find the missions by locating the colored letters on the map, corresponding to the first letter of each character’s name.

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As you complete missions in Just Cause 4, you will level up the mods; Garland and Sargento each have five levels, while Javi has four. Once you have leveled the character’s bar up, you can unlock the mods by pressing the touchpad on PS4 or View button on Xbox One and scrolling to Grappling Hook with R2 or RT.

There, choose the character on the right of the screen, press triangle, and then finally select your desired mod with X or A.

Soon, you’ll be zipping and flipping around with the best of them. Make sure to use your Grappler responsibly, and never aim it directly at people’s faces unless you really don’t like them. For more tips, tricks and guides to see you safely through Solis, you’ll definitely want to check out our robust Just Cause 4 wiki.

We’ve even got guides on how to secure regions, where the highest point is, how to save, and how to fast travel, just to name a few.

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