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News 2018 Winter Sale Features Over 700 Discounted Games has just started their winter sale, and it includes some great deals if you are looking to pick up some indie games. The sale runs from Dec. 18 to Dec. 27 and includes a large variety of new games and older indie game hits. Below you can find some of the more exciting deals from the sale.

The excellent first-person exploration game Gone Home is currently only $3.74. This is an incredible deal for arguably one of the most influential and highly regarded games of the past five years. You can also pick up Fullbright’s other game Tacoma for $4.99. Tacoma is the 2017 follow up to Gone Home, and uses very similar storytelling mechanics and is set on a distant space station.

For fans of rhythm games, Thumper is on sale for $5.99. Described by the developers as a “rhythm violence” game, Thumper features a powerful and memorable soundtrack that players must keep up with to defeat enemies.

There is also a great deal on last year’s Walden, a game which is listed at $9.22. Walden, a game is based on the book Walden by naturalist and author Henry David Thoreau. The game places players in the role of Thoreau during his time at Walden Pond to provide an interactive version of the experiences written about in Walden.

Finally, there are quite a few games that are being given away for free as a part of the winter sale. Some of’s higher rated free games worth checking out are the platformer SUPER Cute Alien, a relaxing puzzle game called Number Islands, and the fantasy survival game WINDSTONE.

There are over 700 games included in this sale, and many of them are being sold for under $10. If you already own everything listed above or are looking for something else be sure to take a look at the full sale here.

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