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God of War: How to Get Zeus Armor


God of War: How to Get Zeus Armor

How to Get Zeus Armor in God of War

God of War is certainly one of the best games of 2018, so it’s little wonder players will be keen to jump back in for a New Game+ playthrough. And they’ll be rewarded for that effort, too, with all-new armor and gear added alongside the mode when it launched earlier this year. Here’s how to get Zeus Armor in God of War.

The Zeus Armor is a nod to God of War games of old, which used to be set in Greek mythology. There are several pieces of the armor set, as you’d expect. The Cuirass of Zeus is described as “Armor forged in the fashion of the King of the Greek Gods. A blessing and a curse.”

It’s a level 8 armor, and to give you a flavor of the stats, the cuirass has the following:

  • Strength 40
  • Runic 40
  • Defense 40
  • 3 Enchantment Slots

The armor increases the damage of Kratos’ attacks significantly but also increases the damage he takes. The effect grows in intensity the more armor pieces he wears.

Basically, it’s a high risk, high reward sort of armor set that isn’t for everyone. If you’re good at dodging and confident with the timing of your strikes, it’s certainly a powerful asset. But for those that get hit quite a lot we’d suggest avoiding the Zeus Armor.

As for how to actually obtain it, you must first beat all the Valkyries in the game, including the Queen on Give me God of War difficulty. That’s no easy task! Seriously, it’s very difficult. The gauntlets, for example, you’ll get in Muspelheim after defeating the Valkyrie there, and the cuirass is the reward for taking down the queen.

That should be all you need to know about how to get Zeus Armor in God of War. For more useful information on the game, be sure to search Twinfinite or head over to our guide wiki.

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