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Free Starlink Update Adds Photo Mode, New Activities and Enemies


Free Starlink Update Adds Photo Mode, New Activities and Enemies

Ubisoft has released a free update for all version of Starlink: Battle for Atlas adding a host of new features into the game. A new trailer covers all of the additions made to the game, first and foremost of which is a photo mode.

Players can pause the game at any point to snap their own photos, applying a variety of filters and effects to customize it just right. That’s not nearly all, however. Each region of Starlink will receive new enemy types, as well as flora and fauna.

For example Gloom Gobs and Bilebombs are being added to Necrom and Vylus, and they’re floating masses that move toward you growing larger with each shot until they explode on contact. Meanwhile, Sandworms are massive creatures that move through the ground on Kirite and they hold valuable resources but are fierce predators.

A new activity called Outlaw Fortifications will also be sprinkled all over Atlas. They hold valuable loot you can gain, if you’re able to take out the network of defense turrets. You can see everything new added in the trailer down below. Of course, as mentioned earlier, this update is entirely free and can be applied to the game now.

Hopefully, this is an indication of more post-launch support coming for Starlink, as this free update already seems to add quite a bit of content to the game. Ubisoft is certainly taking a similar approach with other games, like the wealth of post-launch content that Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is receiving.

Starlink: Battle For Atlas is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. You can check out our own review of Starlink, and see why we found it to be a fun but flawed experience.

If you need any help with the game we also have you covered with a few handy guides, like how to defeat Grax and how to fight Star Wolf.

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