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Fortnite’s Real Life Retail Row Is Now Open for Business


Fortnite’s Real Life Retail Row Is Now Open for Business

Have you ever wanted to walk around the real world and wear a shirt that screams you love Fortnite? Starting today, Epic Games has a store dedicated to fulfilling that dream.

Retail Row, named after the in-game location of the same name, is an online shop that specializes in Fortnite merch. Granted, plenty of other retail stores sell Fortnite-branded clothes, but Retail Row is the first shop, online or otherwise, that sells nothing but Fortnite-related items.

So far, Retail Row has only fourteen items for sale, most of which are t-shirts, but every online retailer has to start somewhere. These clothes include shirts emblazoned with the Durr Burger mascot, a bush with a conspicuous set of eyes, the iconic Skull Trooper’s face, the Fortnite logo, DJ Yonder, and a completed Drift skin.

Each shirt comes in a variety of sizes, so gamers of every age can proudly display their love of Fortnite while walking down the street. Moreover, the Durr Burger, Skull Trooper, and Fortnite logo shirts are available in several colors.

However, if shirts aren’t your thing, Retail Row also offers a Skull Trooper-themed hoodie and a physical re-creation of the Durr Burger onesie skin (leg guard, shoulder straps, and hip-mounted cup not included). Like the shirts, the hoodie and onesie come in multiple sizes.

Now, even though Retail Row’s digital doors are open, you can only pre-order the clothes. If you buy the Durr Burger shirt or the DJ Yonder shirts, your order should ship later this month, but everything else won’t be ready until mid-to-late January 2019. Go figure.

With any luck, Retail Row will eventually grow into every Fortnite fan’s dream, chock-full of official Fortnite swag. The store could potentially feature a plethora of unique items you can’t purchase anywhere else. Only time will tell.

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