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Fortnite: How to Land Faster

fortnite, land fast, how to land faster in Fortnite

Fortnite: How to Land Faster

How to Land Faster in Fortnite

Fortnite Battle Royale Season 7 has introduced new features like the X4-Stormwing Planes, Ziplines, and even made changes to balloons, you’re still going to want to hit the ground first so you’ve got the first pick of landing spots, weapons, and chests. Here’s how to land faster in Fortnite.

There are a few things you’ll want to make sure you’re doing if you want to land faster in Fortnite, we’ve broken these down in bullet points for you below so you can see them at a quick glance. However, if you want a bit more detail on them, be sure to keep on reading.

  • Tilt into your dive towards the ground. The more your character dives forward, the faster you’ll land.
  • You want to aim for the lowest ground possible on Fortnite’s map. The lower the ground, the lower the ‘auto-deploy’ height for your glider is.
  • Time your jump from the Battle Bus right.

Tilt Into Your Dive When it Makes Sense

Fortnite, How to Land Faster, how to land faster in Fortnite

This is a simple hint, but one that’s arguably the most effective at ensuring you land faster in Fortnite. When you hop out of the Battle Bus, you’ll want to use either the left and right analog sticks for console players, or WASD and your mouse to control your dive and descent. The aim here is to have your character pointing towards your desired landing spot.

If it’s right below you, or fairly nearby, you’ll want to really dive all the way forward so your character is essentially doing a swan dive. The more your character leans forward, the faster they’ll descend.

However, if your desired landing spot is a fair journey away, you can still land faster in Fortnite by getting your descent right. For these, you’ll want to ensure you’re still fairly parallel to the ground until you’ve cut the distance down.

You’ll notice as you’re moving your character around in the air that you can reach a point where you’re traveling quickly through the air across the map without losing much height.

This is the sweet spot and we’ve included a screenshot below. Use this to get right close to where you want to be, before transitioning into a full swan dive to trigger deploying your glider. This is actually considerably faster than diving directly down over the location you want to land at, especially if it’s a named locale. We’ve explained why a little more below.

Aim for the Lowest Ground You Can on Fortnite’s Map

Fortnite, How to Land Faster, how to land faster in Fortnite

If you want to land faster in Fortnite, make sure that you’re looking at the map below you. If you’re trying to land directly above the mountain to the west of Pleasant Park, but you’re wanting to get to Tilted Towers, you’re not giving yourself a very good chance of landing first.

Instead, you need to look for ground at the lowest altitudes on Fortnite’s map. The lower the ground is below you, the lower the ‘auto-deploy’ point for your glider will be.

Even better, if you’re trying to land at one of the locales around the edge of Fortnite’s island map, try diving over the water off the map. You’ll be able to dive even lower than the lowest points of Fortnite’s map, and as long as you play your cards right, you can still glide safely back onto the land.

This is without a doubt the best way to land fast in Fortnite, but it only really applies for locations around the edge of the map. For any in a more central spot, just seek out the lowest land, which tends to be in the gorge that the river is running through down the center of the map.

Time Your Jump Right

fortnite, how to land faster, how to land faster in fortnite


This might sound a bit obvious, but it’s worth covering all the same. If you’re trying to land at Tilted Towers and you hop out at Lazy Links, you’re not giving yourself the best chance to land fast in Fortnite.

Similarly, however, you don’t want to jump out of the Battle Bus directly over the location you want to land at. While swan diving is the fastest way to descend, diving directly into a named location tends to have a higher ‘auto-deploy’ point for your glider than elsewhere on the map.

You’re best slowly but surely descending, picking out the lowest ground nearby to where you want to land, and then glide in.

It can take some time to really figure out the sweet spot for locations and the best spots on the map that have the lowest ‘auto-deploy’ points, but once you’ve got it sussed, you’ll be all set to land fast and first in Fortnite.

That’s all you need to know about how to land faster in Fortnite. For more tips, tricks, and guides on the current snowy season, be sure to check out our ever-expanding Fortnite Season 7 guide wiki.

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