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Fallout 76: How to Get Into Grafton Dam


Fallout 76: How to Get Into Grafton Dam

How to Get Into Grafton Dam in Fallout 76

During your journey through the wasteland in Fallout 76, you’ll encounter a wide variety of locations as you travel across Appalachia. One locale you may stumble across is the Grafton Dam, a large dam located in the Toxic Valley region of the map.

However, the dam entrance it is locked which may leave you frustrated at the inability to get inside the barricaded building. Fret not, as we’ve got you back with info on how to get into Grafton Dam in Fallout 76.

Grafton Dam Location

Grafton Dam is located in the Toxic Valley area of Fallout 76, to the south of Grafton Steel. It is east of the Eastern Regional Penitentiary which is near Morgantown Airport, one of the first areas you’ll be directed to if you are following the Personal Matters main quest line.

Check out the map below for a more precise location on the map of Appalachia.

fallout 76

The dam itself is heavily occupied by Super Mutants, so be ready to fight them off when you arrive.

Getting Inside Grafton Dam

If you come across Grafton Dam either by chance or by following the Cold Case side quest, you’ll need to figure out how to get inside. There are three methods you can use to get into the dam:

  • Hacking the terminal
  • Picking the lock
  • Enter through the open pipe

Hacking the Terminal

If you or a friend happen to have the Hacker, Expert Hacker, and Master Hacker perk cards, you can use the terminal near the front door to unlock the entrance. However, since Master Hacker doesn’t become available until level 38 you may find yourself too low of a level to take this method.

You can learn more about equipping perk cards in Fallout 76 here if you need more information.

Picking the Lock

Likewise, the door itself has a level 3 lock on it and will also require the Picklock, Expert Picklock, and Master Picklock perk cards to open in case you’ve invested more into the Perception stat rather than Intelligence.

Still, Master Picklock is unlocked at level 40, so this is again only going to be available for higher level Fallout 76 players.

Enter Through the Open Pipe

The outside terminal near the front entrance will give you some notes on an alternate way into the dam.

Head around the backside of the building and face the water, then look for a piece of railing that is missing. Slightly under it you’ll see a large pipe with a skeleton at the opening over the water. This pipe has an opening at the top that you can enter into if you are careful dropping down.

Check out the screenshot for an example or view the video, both via YouTube user no no, if you need some guidance.

grafton dam

Dropping into the hole, you can follow the path of the pipe to end up on the bottom floor of the dam. This area is flooded with water so be careful not to take too much radiation and also watch out for Super Mutants that may be patrolling the stairways. In this room there is also a Fusion Core, so make sure to grab that on your way to the upper floors if you need it.

Once you’re on the main floor inside the dam, you can open the locked entry door from the interior so that you have an easy exit when it’s time to leave.

That’s all there is to getting into Grafton Dam in Fallout 76. Though it may seem frustrating at first, the entrance is pretty easy to get to as long as you can handle fending off the Super Mutants that have captured the location.

If you need more tips and tricks for ensuring your survival in the wasteland of Appalachia, check out Fallout 76 wiki.

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