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Fallout 4: How to Change FOV (Field of View)

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Fallout 4: How to Change FOV (Field of View)

How to Change FOV in Fallout 4

One of the beauties of playing games on PC is the additional level of control you have over your graphical settings. In most cases, you can change texture detail levels, general graphical quality, shadow and lighting settings, and a whole bunch more to finetune the experience for your PC. Here’s how to change FOV in Fallout 4.

First things first, it’s worth noting that sadly, Bethesda didn’t provide an option to simply change your FOV (Field of View) within the basic Settings menus.

Instead, if you want to change FOV you’ll need to go down one of two different routes – modding, or amending the .ini files for the game yourself.

We’ve run through both of these methods for you in more detail down below.

How to Change FOV in Fallout 4 with Mods

Just because Bethesda didn’t allow you to easily amend your FOV doesn’t mean someone else won’t find a way to let you do exactly that.

Mod creator Bilago released the Fallout 4 Configuration Tool mod back in Nov. 2015, but it still works a treat if you’re looking to tweak Field of View, mouse acceleration, gamepad sensitivity, shadow resolution, shadow distance, and a whole bunch of other settings.

Here’s how it works:

  • Download the mod linked above either onto your PC or via the Nexus Mods File Manager and running it from the Fallout4\Data folder.
  • Back up your save files just in case something goes wrong.
  • Open up the new Fallout 4 Launcher application, and you should see ‘Fallout 4 Launcher – By Bilago’ appears as a window.
  • Create a new profile from the dropdown and ensure the ‘Import Existing Saves to this Profile’ option is ticked.
  • Then, click on the Settings option from this small window, and you’ll see the FOV (Field of View) has two values that can be amended for ‘3rd Person’ and ‘1st Person.’
  • Enter your preferred values for these and click the ‘Save’ option in the lower left of the window to save your change.
  • Click ‘Play’ to launch the game from this new launcher, or select ‘Edit Launcher Settings’ to open up the original one.

Of course, using mods isn’t for everyone, and if you’d rather just hop into some files and change some values yourself, this is entirely possible, too.

How to Change FOV in Fallout 4 with .ini Files

There are a couple of .ini files you need to find in order to change FOV in Fallout 4.

Both of those should be discoverable within the following file path: “\My Documents\ My Games\ Fallout 4.” You’re then looking for these files:

  • Fallout4.ini
  • Fallout4Prefs.ini

Next, simply open these with notepad, and search for the following properties:


Then, it’s simply a case of changing these values once again to your preferred FOV figures.

Once you’re done, ensure you save your changes and then close the files. Load up the game, and you should be good to go.

There’s one other way we’ll quickly talk you through for how to change field of view, and that’s with the in-game developer console.

How to Change FOV in Fallout 4 with Console Commands

For this one, you simply need to open up the developer console in-game, by pressing the Tilde key (~) when playing Fallout 4. This should then bring up a large box across the bottom of your screen that you can type into. Here, all you need to do is enter the following:

  • fov (insert value for first person Field of View) (insert value for third person Field of View)

Press enter, and you should see the field of view changes take place. It’s worth noting that if you only enter one numerical value within the console, you’ll only change your field of view within first person mode, so you’re best doing both at once.

And there you have it, that’s three ways you can use to change FOV in Fallout 4.

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