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Epic Games Disables Half of Fortnite After Latest Patch Issues [UPDATED]

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Epic Games Disables Half of Fortnite After Latest Patch Issues [UPDATED]

Fortnite developer Epic Games has disabled the Save the World cooperative mode of the game after issues caused by the 7.10 update released this morning.

Players started reporting that their entire Stormshield Storage had been wiped out shortly after the 7.10 patch went live earlier today. The Stormshield Storage offers players to stash more resources than can carry in their inventories, such as building and crafting materials.

Most, if not all, said the issue happened after playing or trying to load into a mission of Frostnite, the new wave-based survival mode that does not use players’ inventories or storage. Epic Games announced it had disabled the entire Save the World mode while it investigated the issue with storage and Frostnite.

“We disabled Save the World as Stormshield Storage was being wiped by playing the Frostnite event,” Epic Games wrote. “We are currently confirming that there is no other source of data loss and are going to disable the Frostnite event and re-enable Save the World after we are confident.”

Fortnite: Battle Royale has been unaffected by the decision, but the studio said that it was also investigating “reports of long load times and server performance issues.”

Epic Games has been providing steady updates on reinstating Save the World for its platforms –PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One– and said that it was “still running test to verify all of the issues are resolved” at 11:10 a.m. ET. The developer updated again at 12:40 p.m. ET, simply stating it was “hard at work” on the issue.

The studio confirmed the issue only affected players participating in a Frostnite mission, but will be able to restore the Stormshield Storage of those affected with a backup from 12:30 a.m. ET today. So anything placed in the storage after that time will presumably not be restored.

We will update when more is known about the issue or Save the World has returned.

Update: Epic Games announced it has re-enabled Save the World almost 11 hours after disabling it this morning and will compensate players affected by the storage wipe and all players for the downtime. The Frostnite mode will remain disabled while the studio runs more tests, and will announce more details soon.

Update 12/19: Epic Games announced the Frostnite mode is back in Save the World, one day after it had been disabled.

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