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Destiny 2: How to Find & Beat Gravetide Summoner Easily (Dec. 4 – Dec. 11)


Destiny 2: How to Find & Beat Gravetide Summoner Easily (Dec. 4 – Dec. 11)

Where the Gravetide Summoner Location Is for the Bounty (Dec. 4 – Dec. 11) in Destiny 2

As you Guardians have been out saving the galaxy from the darkness and raising your Power level with increasingly powerful armor and weapons, you’ve likely come across the Wanted Spider Bounty that you can complete each week in the hope of nabbing yourself some powerful gear. Here’s where the Gravetide Summoner location is for the bounty during the week Dec. 4 – Dec. 11 in Destiny 2.

First things first, you may be wondering how to get the Gravetide Summoner Spider bounty in Destiny 2. As always, you’ll need to head to the Tangled Shore and speak with him. In order to get this bounty, you’ll need to hand over five Ghost Fragments. Ghost Fragments can be earned by completing Spider’s Tangled Shore bounties, completing Patrols, public events, and defeating high-value targets around the system.

Once you’ve got the Ghost Fragments, hand them over and Spider will then provide you with an Adventure to go and complete on Titan. You’ll need to head to this planet, and look specifically within the Siren’s Watch sector of the map. Keep an eye out for the sword icon within the shield and you’ll come across the ‘Wanted: Gravetide Summoner’ Adventure for you to take on.

destiny 2, gravetide summoner dec. 4 - dec. 11

Image Credit: Sydney Payne

This Gravetide Summoner bounty has a recommended power level of 540 in Destiny 2, so keep this in mind and level up if you need to before attempting it. The bounty itself is then fairly straightforward. Spawn into the Siren’s Watch sector of Titan and immediately head left and jump down towards where the Adventure icon can be seen. It’s a bit of a drop, but with a trusty double jump, you should be able to get there fairly easily.

destiny 2, gravetide summoner location

Image Credit: Sydney Payne

Make your way through here defeating the enemies. Solar weapons tend to be useful, as you’ll need to take on a couple wizards, so ensure you’ve got one equipped to make this a little easier on yourself.

When you finally reach the boss area, you’re going to spot some smaller enemies pop up called Gravetide Thralls. These are Cursed Thrall, but if you kill them, you’ll get a buff called Ogre’s Fury which is going to make this next part really easy to complete.

Quickly defeat the two wizards in this room quickly with that aforementioned solar weapon, and a Gravetide Ogre will pop up. Now, with the Ogre’s Fury buff still active, focus on taking it down. Use your Super if you have to to make light work of it, but the buff will certainly help cut down the amount of time it takes to defeat it.

destiny 2, gravetide summoner

Image Credit: Sydney Payne

Now, with the Gravetide Ogre defeated in Destiny 2, you can focus on defeating the Gravetide Summoner itself. If you need a quick break to recover, run back in the direction you entered the room and jump up to the higher level. There are some super easy adds here that you can quickly take care of, and plenty of cover to provide you with some safety.

However, with the Gravetide Ogre out of the way, the Gravetide Summoner itself should go down incredibly quickly. Without defeating the Ogre, you won’t be able to deal any damage to the Summoner, so don’t think you can skip that step.

In summary, these are the steps you need to take to find and beat the Gravetide Summoner in Destiny 2 this week.

  • Head to Spider at The Tangled Shore and buy the Gravetide Summoner bounty for five Ghost Fragments.
  • Travel to Siren’s Watch on Titan.
  • Look to your left and jump down towards the nearby Adventure icon. Use a double jump if necessary to reach it.
  • Begin the Gravetide Summoner bounty and advance through this area.
  • Defeat the enemies you come across along the way or simply bypass them if you don’t fancy the fight.
  • Kill the Gravetide Thrall first in the boss room to get the Ogre’s Fury buff.
  • Defeat the two wizards in this room with a solar weapon to quickly take care of them.
  • Focus all of your fire on the Gravetide Ogre until defeated.
  • You should now be able to take down the Gravetide Summoner and deal substantial damage with the Ogre out of the way.
  • Once defeated, you’ll complete the Gravetide Summoner bounty and get yourself some powerful gear.

Outside of that, there’s not a whole lot more you need to know to find and beat the Gravetide Summoner for the Spider Bounty from Dec. 4 – Dec. 11 in Destiny 2.

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