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5 Best Games of November 2018, According to Metacritic


5 Best Games of November 2018, According to Metacritic

Best Games of November 2018, According to Metacritic

5) Transistor (Switch) – Metacritic Score: 86

Transistor, digital games, limited edition

Joining a whole host of other popular indie games that have made their way to Nintendo Switch since the console launched last year, Transistor is an excellent action RPG.

Much like Supergiant’s other games, including their new game Hades, Transistor is a beautiful turn-based action game that’s presented from an isometric viewpoint and set in a fascinating sci-fi world.

You’re given the power of the titular Transistor, a mysterious weapon, and your adventure sees you try to track down its original owners.

The fast-paced action of Transistor is compelling, but it is the game’s unique story and immediately captivating world that make is special. The atmosphere truly adds to the story, adding weight to the gameplay. Now that it’s on Switch, it’s the perfect time to revisit it.

Best Games of November 2018, According to Metacritic

4) Football Manager 2019 – Metacritic Score: 86

The complexity of the Football Manager series can put quite a few people off, but it’s a testament to the quality of the changes that are made every season that it remains popular and critically well received.

There’s so much detail is the organisation systems, which allows you to control pretty much everything a real-world manager would be able to, that it’s possible to lose months to the game.

The tweaks that have been made to tactics, that see you be able to draw from real-world ideas that are used in the best league in the world, add even more depth. Making small changes to how your team is set up and seeing it play out successfully on the pitch is immensely satisfying.

Of course, it’s not always worth picking up Football Manager every year, due to the only incremental steps that are made, but Football Manager 2019 is the perfect iteration for anyone who’s wanted to get into the series or has been away for a couple of seasons.

Best Games of November 2018, According to Metacritic

3) Sid Meier’s Civilization VI (Switch) – Metacritic Score: 86

Usually at home on PCs with a mouse and keyboard, the hugely popular Civilization VI made its way to Switch in November. It’ll undoubtedly feel a lot different to play with a pair of joycons or in handheld mode, but it still has the power to make you lose all sense of time.

It loses some of the scale that’s felt on a PC, and the controls will take some getting used to if you’ve made your way over from the desktop version, but this is a great was to take Civilization VI on the go.

Even if some of the PC content hasn’t been included, the compelling strategy gameplay, that offers so much variety in terms of tactics and themes, could be played for hundreds of hours.

Developing your nation from nothing and seeing your ideas create a blossoming economy or society is so satisfying and you’ll struggle to step back to reality.

Best Games of November 2018, According to Metacritic

2) Diablo III: Eternal Collection (Switch) – Metacritic Score: 87

diablo III, diablo 3, switch

Another great game that was ported to Switch last month was Diablo III. The game originally launched on PC more than eight years ago, but you can now take it wherever you go with Nintendo’s handheld hybrid console.

The Eternal Collection is also the definitive Diablo III package because it has the Reaper of Souls expansion and the Rise of the Necromancer add-on all bundled in as one.

As an action RPG, Diablo III is one of the best we’ve seen since its initial release. Blizzard are the masters of creating compelling worlds that turn your character into a brutal killing machine, set on collecting as much vital loot as possible.

Now, that compelling gameplay loop that so many people have loved on other platforms can be taken on the go, and it works better than many would have expected.

Best Games of November 2018, According to Metacritic

1) Tetris Effect – Metacritic Score: 89

Tetris Effect

Not to be dismissed as just Tetris, Tetris Effect is a magical experience. Just like Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s previous games, Effect combines addictive puzzle mechanics with beautiful visuals and transporting music.

On a standard TV, it’s great, the colors popping in 4K, but it’s on another level with a PlayStation VR headset. The varied setting and surprisingly catchy music pull you into the world and you’re overcome by the millions of bright particles.

You’re taken through incredible settings, from a space station to rolling desert hills, and the music is more than calming pianos and pulsating electronic beats. There are potential pop hits sprinkled throughout the journey too.

If you need convincing further that Tetris Effect is a puzzle masterpiece, just check out the amazing Launch Trailer.

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