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World of Warcraft Ventures into Forgotten Lands in Future Updates


World of Warcraft Ventures into Forgotten Lands in Future Updates

World of Warcraft is the MMORPG that won’t die. It has gone through expansion after update after upgrade. What does Blizzard have in store for the game’s next year of content? Simply put, a whole heap of new content, including visits to lands time almost forgot.

World of Warcraft’s recent expansion, Battle for Azeroth, saw the game go back to what made it stand out: the eternal battle between the Alliance and the Horde. New faces rose to prominence (especially the Troll Shaman Zekhan, playfully nicknamed Zappy Boi by the playerbase); plots have been twisted, and sides have been taken. And Blizzard is taking all of that one step further with its upcoming update, Tides of Vengeance. And then Blizzard will go one step beyond afterwards.

One of Battle for Azeroth’s better inclusions was the allied races, new playable races that joined the Alliance and the Horde but were hidden behind long questlines and grinding. Soon, players will earn even more allied races.

The first race, the Zandalari Trolls, are Horde-affiliated nature lovers who can become (among other classes) priests, druids, hunters, and paladins. Not only are these Trolls versatile, they get to ride dinosaurs into battle; and their druids transform into dinosaurs —just in case you thought they couldn’t get more awesome.

As for Alliance players, they get Kul Tiran Humans. Unlike regular Humans, Kul Tiran Humans get to be shamans and druids. While Kul Tiran Humans ride bog standard horses, their druids turn into bad ass animals made out of plants and wood, perfect for players who want some vaguely (and cliched) Celtic inspiration in World of Warcraft.

Players who want to revisit old dungeons got their wish with Timewalking, and future updates will provide even more old classics. Not only will players get to visit the dungeons from Warlords of Draenor, but they will get some sick new mounts.

But that’s not all, not by a long shot. Blizzard has some sweet new skills for in store for World of Warcraft professions. Ever wanted to repair your own armor? Blacksmiths can do that. What about summoning a combat golem? Tinkerers get a new construct. These skills will involve huge quest lines, but they will be worth it for the new viability. Oh, and Arathi Basin is getting a visual face lift and new, optional AI opponents. About time.

Speaking of face lifts, the Goblin and Worgen will receive new character models in the near future. These new models will put these races slightly more in line with the other races that previously received model updates and make them far more expressive and visually cohesive.

So, what big adventures can we expect after Tides of Vengeance? Nazjatar, the home of the aquatic Naga race. The next expansion, Rise of Azshara, will let players visit the long lost land and come face to face with the legendary queen of the Naza, Queen Azshara. Players will team up with aquatic races such as Sea Giants and Murcoblins (an unusual hybrid of Goblins and Murlocs), face brand new foes, and win new weapons and mounts —including a freakin Hippocampus. No word if Naga will ever join the list of Allied Races, though.

If visiting Nazjatar isn’t your style, you can always venture into the ancient lost land of the Gnomes: Mechagon. Robots and cybernetic Gnomes, the Mechagnomes, will populate Mechagon. Some will be allies; some will be enemies, and regardless of whom players will try to help or kill, players will still end up fighting the mad king of the Mechagnomes in a Megadungeon. What’s a Megadungeon? A dungeon that’s double the length of a regular dungeon.

These new updates will also bring new story bits, and players will get to interact with plenty of returning faces and earn brand new pieces of heritage armor, including the Tauren and Gnomes. Oh, and gamers will get to return to Warcraft 2 maps with islands such as Crestfall.

When will all of these updates arrive in World of Warcraft? When they’re ready. But they’re only a taste of what’s to come. Blizzard has tons more content just waiting in the wings.

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