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Pokemon Let’s Go: Best Nature for Charizard


Pokemon Let’s Go: Best Nature for Charizard

Best Nature for Charizard in Pokemon Let’s Go

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee is finally here, and we loved it! Even though it has streamlined and simplified a lot of the gameplay, doesn’t mean it’s devoid of strategy. If you’re here, you’re likely wondering about the best nature for Charizard. Let’s discuss!

Charizard is one of the most well-known, and popular Pokemon, and for good reason. It’s a powerful Fire/Flying type (Charizard & its Mega Y form), or if you use Charizardite X, you can turn it into a Fire/Dragon type instead.

Without abilities in Pokemon Let’s Go, Charizardite X is probably the way to go in order to take advantage of the more powerful Fire/Dragon typing.

In that case, when going for the best nature for Charizard, you definitely want to prioritize either Attack or Speed, as Mega-Charizard X has access to some powerful physical Attack moves.

If you’re going to go for an Attack moveset, your best choice is Adamant for maximum power. Or, if you’re worried about getting outsped by possible counters, go with Jolly. Charizard is pretty fast though, so keep that in mind.

Just in case you aren’t aware, adamant boosts Attack and lowers Special Attack (something you won’t need if you’re using only physical attacks). Jolly boosts speed and lowers special attack.

Plus, you can also use Dragon Dance to boost both your Attack and Speed even higher!

You can also run a Special Attack moveset. If that’s your plan, you should go for either a Modest (+Special Attack, -Attack), or Timid (+Speed, -Attack) for the same reasons we have listed above.

Finally, running a mixed attack moveset is also possible, but its is better suited going for one of the other, and taking advantage of its high speed, and offensive capabilities without sacrificing defenses.

That does it for what the best nature is for Charizard in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee. Be sure to check out wiki guide for more tips & tricks.

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