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Pokemon Let’s Go: All Blaine Quiz Questions & Answers


Pokemon Let’s Go: All Blaine Quiz Questions & Answers

All Blaine Quiz Questions and Answers in Pokemon Let’s Go

Each gym has their own set of quirks that you need to work around before fighting the leader. As for the seventh gym, you’ll need to answer some pretty tricky questions before fighting Blaine. If you’re having trouble, here are all of the Blaine quiz answers in Pokemon Let’s Go.

Cinnabar Island is home to the Fire-type master, Blaine, as well as his gym badge. To reach him, you will first need to learn a special skill called Sea Skim from a man in Fuchsia City. Look for the GO Park north of the area, and you’ll find him hanging around next to a surfboard and a Lapras.

Once you’ve learned Sea Skim in Pokemon Let’s Go, travel back to Pallet Town and use your new skill to sail down south to Cinnabar Island. Once you reach the island, however, you’ll find that you can’t actually enter the gym. Head on over to the Pokemon Mansion beside it first to get your hands on the secret key.

With that item in your pocket, you should be able to open the Cinnabar Island gym and face Blaine. He will ask you a series of quiz questions that can lead to additional trainer battles if you get them wrong. This is a good way to gain some extra EXP for your team, but if you just want to fight the leader, here are all of the Blaine quiz answers:

  • Q: How many Gym badges certified by the Pokemon League are there?
    • Eight
  • Q: Which of these is the Spitfire Pokemon?
    • Magmar
  • Q: Steel-type move used on a a Fire-type Pokemon will be?
    • Not Very Effective
  • Who are you about to battle?
    • The Hotheaded Quiz Master
  • TM28 contains the move Tombstony
    • False (it’s actually Dig)

Once you clear through his barrage of quiz questions, prepare for a fierce battle. Remember to bring a Water-type or Rock-type to the battle since Blaine uses Fire-type ‘mons. After defeating him, you’ll be one step closer to challenging to Pokemon League.

That’s pretty much everything you need to know about all of the Blaine quiz answers in Pokemon Let’s Go. If you need more help with the game, be sure to check out our expansive wiki filled with tons of other useful guides.

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