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PlayStation 4 vs. Nintendo Switch: Which Is the Better Christmas Gift This Year?

PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Christmas Gift

PlayStation 4 vs. Nintendo Switch: Which Is the Better Christmas Gift This Year?

If you find yourself unable to decide whether the Nintendo Switch or the PlayStation 4 is the better Christmas gift this year, you’re not alone. It’s been a phenomenal year for both consoles, and determining which is better to give someone comes down to some specific elements you might’ve overlooked.

PlayStation 4 vs. Nintendo Switch: Which Is the Better Christmas Gift This Year?

PlayStation 4


Around since 2013, the PlayStation 4 has defined itself as a powerhouse of the current console generation. It has continued to upgrade and iterate itself too, with the PlayStation 4 Pro available for those who desire a faster and stronger piece of tech to play their games on.

One of its greatest strengths is the continued growth of its library with top of the line exclusives like this year’s thoughtfully violent God of War or the undeniably fun Spider-Man.

That’s to say nothing of the console’s past notable titles, which are cheaper than ever thanks to Black Friday and holiday sales prices. Greatest hits from recent years like Horizon Zero Dawn, Bloodborne and so many more are all easily affordable and perfect for pairing with a new console under the tree.

Throw in stellar third party support, most notably titles from this year like Red Dead Redemption 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, or the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, and you’ve got plenty enough for your loved one to play until next year rolls around.

The PlayStation 4 also has the feather in its cap of continued and growing VR support. While still not the cheapest peripheral you could grab for a loved one, it’s a one of a kind gaming experience that continues to improve thanks to new titles like the VR platformer Astro Boy.

And yet, there are downsides to consider before jumping on the PS4 as the ideal Christmas gift. One in particular is the fact that, potentially very soon, the PlayStation 4 will be replaced with a next-gen console.

For all of the impressive titles and support from Sony the PlayStation 4 sees right now, it’s far from a new piece of technology. It has enjoyed plenty of time in the sun since it launched back in 2013, and even with the release of the PS4 Pro, there’s only so long it’ll remain Sony’s main priority.

We’ve already seen the signs that its lifespan is winding down too. Following Sony’s announcement that they would skip E3 for the first time in its history, many speculated that they are gearing up for the launch of the PlayStation 5 sometime in the next year or two.

These flames have only been fanned by the fact that many of their most anticipated titles have unconfirmed or far off release windows. Most notable among them is The Last of Us Part II, which still has yet to receive a firm release date even after years of teasers and trailers.

Another is the limited to non-existent cross play support on the console. While Sony has scaled back their blocking of any and all cross play with other consoles, there are still plenty of titles which still cordoned off PS4 players from other gamers.

This is a major detractor for fans of multiplayer titles like Rocket League, which continue to see support from players across consoles and on PC even years after launch. This could be a huge let down for someone who otherwise would use their console for online interaction with friends that play on other consoles or PC.

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