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Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Is Kinda Close so Here’s Some New Key Art

Travis Strikes Again, no more heroes

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Is Kinda Close so Here’s Some New Key Art

We still can’t get over the fact that a “new” No More Heroes game is coming, and the series is back where it belongs, on a Nintendo console, exclusively. This might not be the No More Heroes 3 that we’ve wanted for the past eight years, but Travis Strikes Again plans to scratch that hack and slash itch just a little bit, which works for us.

Nintendo and Grasshopper, in anticipation of the upcoming release, have put out new promotional key art for the Switch game, showing off Travis Touchdown, Bad Man, and the dangerous foes they’ll encounter in the video game world.

no more heroes, travis strikes again

The story in Travis Strikes Again throws Travis and Bad Man into a video game console called the “Death Drive MK-II.” The both of them then end up in a race to defeat all of the bosses in six different game worlds and collect their death balls. And whoever collects all of the death balls first gets granted one wish.

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes was originally supposed to release this year (which I still can’t get over) but now it’s scheduled to release on Jan 18, just one week before Kingdom Hearts 3 and that Resident Evil 2 remake. It might be hard to find free time for all of these games, but gosh darn it I’ll try my hardest.

Greysun is currently majoring in Mass Communications and Media Studies. He's somehow played every Kingdom Hearts game more than once but somehow doesn't get the story. You can follow him on Twitter @greysun_morales if you like Nintendo-related posts that can sometimes be very comical.

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