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Fallout 76: How to Get Glowing Resin


Fallout 76: How to Get Glowing Resin

In Fallout 76, crafting is an important aspect of survival in Appalachia, and collecting the right flora and fauna can let you create some amazing things. Unfortunately, these required materials can sometimes be difficult to find, especially the rare element of glowing resin. If you want to know more about how to get glowing resin in Fallout 76, keep reading for more details on this mysterious radioactive substance.

Uses for Glowing Resin

This material can be used to create syrup at a cooking station, which requires one glowing resin and one log. This food item isn’t really worthwhile though, as glowing resin is such a rare element and syrup isn’t very impressive as a healing source.

Where this radioactive goop really shines is the ability to use it at a weapons workbench to make some higher-level weapon mods in Fallout 76. There is also a quest later in the game that will require you to gather up glowing resin, so it’s not a bad idea to stockpile it when you have the opportunity.

How to Get Glowing Resin

This rare element can be found almost anywhere outdoors in Fallout 76 and you’ll notice it as a vibrant yellow-orange substance growing on trees. Keep your eye out as you travel around and pick it up whenever you spot it.

However, there are some locations in the game that seem to have more reliable gatherings of glowing resin. The area around Top of the World (the golf course to the northeast of the map) seems to have the most frequent batches of glowing resin, especially if you head to the southern area of the locale.

Whitespring Station is another spot that seems to have trees with glowing resin on them scattered about, located towards the southeastern part of the map. The Emmett Mountain Disposal Site, a spot located a little farther east of Whitespring Station, was a former nuclear waste facility and as such, the trees around it can sometimes contain glowing resin.

Finally, the ski lift that connects to the Top of the World (going from the western direction of the golf course) has a signpost near it with one end pointing towards the Lazy Way and one pointing to Prosperity. If you follow the arrow pointing towards the Lazy Way, there should be a tree that always seems to have glowing resin at its base. It’s not a bad idea to always check this spot each time you log in and grab it if you are clamoring for glowing resin.

Those are all the areas that seem to regularly contain glowing resin in Fallout 76 that we’ve found so far. Have you found any other spots that are good for scooping up this hazardous honey? Let us know in the comments below!

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