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Darksiders 3: How to Beat the Sloth Boss Fight


Darksiders 3: How to Beat the Sloth Boss Fight

How to Beat the Sloth Boss Fight in Darksiders 3

Darksiders 3 is finally upon us, and with it, a slew of challenging boss fights against the Seven Deadly Sins incarnate. If you’re stuck on the bloated and lazy insect Sloth, then we’re here to help with a guide on how to beat the Sloth boss fight in Darksiders 3.

At its start, the Sloth boss fight in Darksiders 3 can be tricky. Held up by a number of armored insect thralls, he’ll launch projectile attacks at Fury from afar. While the player is close up, he’ll likewise unleash downward attacks that’ll launch you out of attacking range.

You need to kill all of the insect thralls before advancing to the next phase of the fight, but charging straight in can leave you open to flurries of attacks from Sloth and deplete your healing items.

To get around this, equip the Storm Hollow and use its L1 + R1 attack. This will keep Sloth and his thralls locked in place by constant attacks, allowing you to move to one of his sides and kill his insect thralls.

After all of them are dead, Sloth will move into his second phase. From here, he’ll come at the player with a three hit combo. The first two hits are horizontal swings, while the last is an overhead vertical swing.

Try to dodge one of the first two hits and unleash a counterattack to end his combo. From here, you can get in two or three hits before Sloth winds up for a flying ground pound attack.

Step backward and jump into the air as he makes contact with the ground. This should protect you from the attack’s shockwave range and leave you ready to move back in to repeat the process.

Rinse and repeat, and before long Sloth will lie defeated at your feet.

Hopefully, this helps explain how to beat the Sloth boss fight in Darksiders 3. For more on all things Darksiders 3, check out the game’s launch trailer as well as our full review of the game.

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