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Darksiders 3: How to Beat the Flame Warden Boss Fight


Darksiders 3: How to Beat the Flame Warden Boss Fight

How to Beat the Flame Warden Boss Fight in Darksiders 3

Some bosses are more challenging than others in Darksiders 3, and the Flame Warden stands as an early barrier to entry boss fight. If the sword wielding specter of flame has you stuck, we’re here to help with a guide on how to beat the Flame Warden boss fight in Darksiders 3.

Found early on in Darksiders 3 as players make their way through the Hollows, the Flame Warden boss fight acts as a test of how well you’ve grasped the different systems and mechanics introduced thus far.

The Flame Warden will attack one of three ways. The first is a standard three hit combo. He’ll begin with a downward diagonal slash to the left, followed by a horizontal slash to the right, and finally finished by an upward vertical slash. Each hit has a brief delay before they’re unleashed, and you can use the delay to time your dodge.

If you’ve dodged at the right moment, he’ll be open for a counter attack. Let loose with it, and then follow up with a three or four hit combo.

The next attack is a teleporting attack from below. The Flame Warden will vanish into the ground, emerging shortly after with an upward swing of his sword from underneath you.

Keep an eye out for the ring of fire that appears right before he emerges and dodge to the side as soon as you see it. If timed correctly, it’ll set you up for another counter attack. Let him have it and then follow up with a three to four hit combo once again.

The last attack is less frequent, but very strong. If you get too far away, and put enough distance between yourself and the Flame Warden, he’ll launch a projectile sword slash at you which can do a lot of damage.

Like the three hit combo, there’s a brief tell as to when this attack will launch. Time it right and dodge to the side when he stops pulling his sword back. After this he’ll be open for the one-two of a counter attack and combo attack.

Stay on your toes and dodge often, and the Flame Warden should join your list of vanquished Darksiders 3 bosses and completed boss fights in no time.

Hopefully this clears up how to beat the Flame Warden boss fight. Darksiders 3 is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. For more on all things Darksiders, check out the game’s launch trailer as well as our full review of the title.

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