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Battlefield V: How to Get Company Coins


Battlefield V: How to Get Company Coins

How to Get Company Coins in Battlefield V

Company Coins are primary way that you’ll be able to customize your weapons and equipment in Battlefield V. If you’re here, you’re probably wondering how to get Company Coins so you can get that sweet 6x Night Owl sights for your favorite sniper rifle.

Let’s dive into the best, and easiest ways to get them.

The easiest way to get Company Coins in Battlefield V is to complete your assignments. Start with your Daily Orders. These can be found under Assignments in the main menu.

Like the name implies, these orders refresh daily, and are a consistent and easy source. You don’t usually have to do too much to earn them.

They will task you with things like spotting enemies, building fortifications, and reviving teammates. Essentially, they just force you to play a little bit of the four main classes. As long as you don’t mind switching classes, it’s an easy 300 to earn.

You can also complete Special Assignments. These are tracked to more longterm goals for each class such as killing a certain amount of enemies with a specific gun as an Assault class. These will award more than Daily Orders.

Finally, just ranking up will award you with Company Coins. For every rank that you achieve, you’ll get a pretty hefty helping of coins for you to use.

What to Do With Company Coins

Once you have a bunch, what do you do with them? Well, the most useful use is to unlock the various attachments and accessories for your favorite weapons.

Go to “Your Company” and then the class and weapon you want to customize. From there, you can unlock various skins, sights, magazines etc. for your favorite gun.

While you’ll have a slow, but steady stream of Company Coins over time if you play enough, you should still be selective about what you get. Make sure it’s something you really like. It may take some time to save up for what you think is the coolest.

That does it for how to get Company Coins in Battlefield V. For more info about the game, take a gander at the latest multiplayer trailer, the most recent news on the status of its battle royale mode, and DICE’s approach to war stories this time around.

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