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Top 10 Easiest Boss Battles of All Time


Top 10 Easiest Boss Battles of All Time

Some boss battles are a test of players mettle, pitting them against untold horrors or challenges the likes of which they’ve never seen before. Others, however, are little more than minor distractions, so easy to overcome that they barely register so much as a twitch from the player and can’t be bothered to last more than a second. Today, we’re covering the latter with the easiest boss battles of all time.

Easiest Boss Battles of All Time

The Electrocutioner, Batman: Arkham Origins

If we’re being blunt, Batman: Arkham Origins scraped the bottom of the barrel to construct its rogue gallery of baddies Batman would face.

Sure, there were mainstays like Joker and Bane thrown in to give it some star power, but others like Black Mask or Copperhead were either so old or so obscure of picks that they didn’t seem like they were worth remembering and would go down with nary a swat from the Dark Knight.

None of them encapsulated this feeling so perfectly as The Electrocutioner, a villain whose only claim to memorability was in how easily players could defeat him.

After he delivers the necessary “I will kill the Batman” villain monologue, he charges straight at the player and triggers the usual counter prompt. Upon doing so, players send him straight into the ground and then prepare themselves for when he gets back up.

He doesn’t though; one hit is all it takes to beat this boss. It would almost be frustrating if the game didn’t quickly move onto some at least passable challenges, and his defeat does give Batman one of his cooler gadgets from the game, but it’s still hard not to be in awe at how pathetically easy this boss fight is.

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