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How to Get More Tickets on Episode Without Paying in 2018


How to Get More Tickets on Episode Without Paying in 2018

How to Get More Tickets on Episode Without Paying in 2018

If you’ve been busy playing Episode: Choose Your Story, chances are that you might be out of tickets. Without them, you can’t continue your story and find out what happens in the next chapter. Here’s how you can get more tickets on Episode without paying.

Tickets, or passes, are basically the in-game currency, and you have to shell out a pretty penny if you want to start hoarding them. However, there are actually a few ways you can get more tickets in Episode without having to pay a single cent.

If you’re wondering how to get these free passes, you can stop playing and wait for three hours for three free tickets. The game automatically fills up your passes, provided you wait it out.

Similarly, you can also complete some of the daily challenges Episode has to offer. Doing these activities will net you some nifty rewards, including an extra pass.

If waiting isn’t your thing, you can try playing a new story with new chapters instead. This method will net your one free ticket, which you can use on your current story in Episode.

Once you’ve managed to get all of the free passes from each new chapter, you can try following links instead. Occasionally, the game will drop a few links from their partners that come with a free ticket. Sadly, this isn’t exactly a surefire method of getting passes.

Getting Free Tickets in Episode in 2018

However, it’s worth noting that not all of the links will come with free tickets. If you manage to get a free ticket, you will get a notification telling you how to claim the free pass.

If you’re active on social media or streaming sites, some influencers offer free passes as well. You’ll have to be on the lookout for new videos from content creators on YouTube.

These influencers often have links leading to free passes in the description box, which is definitely worth checking out. It’s worth pointing out that some of these free passes are timed, so you’ll want to look for newer videos.

These are the best methods you can try if you’re looking for some free tickets in Episode. Otherwise, you can always turn to the in-game store and buy them with real money instead.

And that’s all you need to know about getting more tickets in Episode without paying in 2018. For more tips and tricks on Episode, make sure to search for Twinfinite.

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