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Spider-Man PS4 DLC: How Long It Takes to Beat ‘The Heist’ DLC


Spider-Man PS4 DLC: How Long It Takes to Beat ‘The Heist’ DLC

How Long It Takes to Beat The Heist DLC in Spider-Man PS4

Spider-Man PS4 presented a bold new take on the iconic superhero, creating an entirely new universe with Insomniac’s version of Peter Parker, Mary Jane, Miles Morales, and more. With an engaging main story and plenty of side content swinging around New York has never felt better, and now Spider-Man PS4 players have a reason to jump back in. The Heist DLC tells a brand new story that takes place after the main game, starring the notorious Black Cat. If you’re thinking of picking up the Spider-Man PS4 DLC, here’s how long it takes to beat The Heist.

How Long Is the Main Story of The Heist

The star of the show in The Heist are the character interactions, between Peter and Black Cat as well as Peter and Mary Jane. Essentially the DLC functions as a new post-game chapter, with a handful of missions and new locations. On average one playthrough of The Heist’s story should take you roughly 2-3 hours, although it can depend on what difficulty you play on and if you die at all. Battles in the DLC can be tough, as the game throws loads of enemies at you and even an all-new enemy type, the Minigun Brute.

We won’t share any details but the end of The Heist will tie directly into the next Spider-Man PS4 DLC, Turf Wars, which launches in Nov. 2018.

What Else There Is To Do in The Heist

The Heist adds more than just a new story to Spider-Man PS4, as there’s a handful of side activities to mop up. A new collectible, stolen paintings, is added on and collecting these will give you story tidbits and details on Black Cat’s character. You’ll also get new crimes to tackle in about half of the districts in New York, and Screwball has new challenges for you to tackle. Completing crimes will, of course, reward you with Crime Tokens, while Screwballs challenges will net you Challenge Tokens like Taskmaster’s did.

If you’re looking to 100% The Heist, and get all the trophies, you’re probably looking at 5-7 hours in total for the DLC.

That’s how long it takes to beat The Heist DLC for Spider-Man PS4. If you need more help on the game make sure to check out our Spider-Man PS4 wiki for even more tips, tricks, and guides. If you’re looking for things to do after beating the main game, we’ve got a few tips on that as well.

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