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Pokemon GO Carnivine: How to Get Carnivine & Everything You Need to Know


Pokemon GO Carnivine: How to Get Carnivine & Everything You Need to Know

How to Get Carnivine in Pokemon GO & Everything You Need to Know

Here’s everything you need to know about how to get Carnivine in Pokemon GO.

Generation 4 has finally arrived in Pokemon GO and you’ll be inevitably heading out into the wild to catch them. While this is all very exciting, only some of the Gen 4 Pokemon have been added into the game. One of the new Pokemon is Carnivine, and it’ll be great to add it to your Pokedex as soon as possible. Here is what you need to know about how to get Carnivine in Pokemon GO.

Carnivine is a Generation 4 Pokemon that does not evolve from or into anything at the time of writing. It resembles a Venus Fly-trap and has vines that allow it to hang from trees. According to the Pokedex, its mouth opens to 180 degrees and it takes a whole day to eat the prey that are attracted into the sharp teeth.

How to Get & Where to Find

The best and only way to find Carnivine in Pokemon GO is to catch it in the wild. Since it is a Grass type Pokemon, and part of this first wave of Gen 4 Pokemon GO, it will probably be pretty easy to find in most locations. It may be beneficial to head to places like parks, or any area with a good amount of foliage around, but Carnivine should pop up in most locations. Even in large urban areas.

Also, since Gen 4 is new to Pokemon GO, it’s likely that the spawns of the new Pokemon are increased to take advantage of the hype.

Finally, it’s not clear just yet whether Carnivine can be found in eggs. As soon as it is known, either way, if Gen 4 Pokemon can hatch from eggs in Pokemon GO, we’ll be sure to let you know here.

Update: It seems as it Carnivine is one of Gen 4’s regional exclusives. According to Eurogamer, it seems to be spawning exclusively in the marshy areas in the south east of the US. We will be sure to update you if that area expands.

Stats, Strengths, & Weaknesses

Of course, since a Pokemon’s stats depend entirely on which one you catch in the wild, it’s impossible to say what its base stats will be. Also the higher your level is, the higher the CP the Pokemon you catch is likely to be. Its max CP for a level 40 player is 1,979 CP.

When it comes to Carnivine’s strengths and weaknesses, it is strong against Ground, Electric, Water, and Grass type Pokemon, but is weak against Flying, Poison, Bug, Fire, and Ice types. If you choose to use Carnivine in a gym or Raid battle in Pokemon GO, be sure to take note of these strengths and weaknesses.

Possible Moves

When it comes to moves, you are likely to find Carvivine in Pokemon GO with a selection of these moves.

Quick Moves:

  • Bite
  • Vine Whip

Charge Moves:

  • Power Whip
  • Energy Ball
  • Crunch

If it becomes possible to find Carnivine with any other moves, we’ll be sure to update you here.

That’s all there is to know about how to get Carnivine in Pokemon GO. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to check out our Pokemon GO wiki.

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